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Terms & Conditions

The manager of the web center

Luc-Mat, d.o.o.
Source, Saranoviceva cesta 25a,
1230 Domžale

Identification number: 3827763
VAT number: SI72267828

Phone: 00386 30 776 883

The buyer is bound by the general terms and conditions in force at the time of purchase (online order submission).

The General Terms and Conditions of Purchases at the Web Center are drawn up in accordance with the Consumer Protection Act and on the basis of the Electronic Commerce Act and other relevant laws and regulations.

With the desire to provide as accurate and useful information as possible, we added images and descriptions to the products that we had previously received from suppliers and reviewed and processed them before publication. In doing so, we would like to remind you that typos can interfere with typing; in this case we will be very happy if you inform us at

The pictures of the articles posted next to the description are symbolic and do not necessarily guarantee the properties of the article, but we try not to deviate greatly from their true appearance.

At, the word user refers to both female and male users.


  • User: any registered female or male user of
  • Manager-Tenderer-Supplier-Seller: Luc-Mat, d.o.o
  • Manufacturer-Importer-Supplier: Because some items are not in stock at the warehouse, they are indirectly delivered to customers via suppliers whose work with the manager is based on a cooperation agreement.
  • Buyer: any user who places an order at the online center and is at least 18 years old when placing the order.

Access to information

The tenderer binds itself to always provide the buyer with the following information:

  • company identity (company name and registered office, business name and tax number),
  • contact information that enables the user to communicate quickly and effectively (email, telephone),
  • the essential characteristics of the goods or services (including after-sales services and guarantees),
  • product availability (any product or service offered on the site should be accessible within a reasonable time),
  • the terms of delivery of the product or the execution of the service (method, place and time of delivery),
  • all prices must be clearly and unambiguously specified and must show whether they already include taxes and transport costs,
  • payment and delivery method,
  • an explanation of the complaint process, including all contact information for the customer service department

Offer items

The nature of business through the World Wide Web is very dynamic, therefore the offer of the web site can be updated and changed. As a result, it may not be possible to deliver the product that the user is placing the order for at the time. In this case, we will notify the user in writing after the order has been processed. The price in the online store is the same for registered members and guests of the online store. 

Registration / Login

No registration is required to complete the order.

In order to ensure security of purchases at, it is advisable for a new user to create his or hers unique account (User Registration) through which he or she can also monitor all past purchases, the status of current orders, as well as modify the information in his / her profile. Upon registration, the user is obliged to provide the required information (marked with an asterisk *), with the user being assigned a user name, (first and last name of the person or company name) and a password.

Ordering products at the online center can be done without registration.

When signing up, users may indicate that they wish to receive occasional news from Luc-Mat, d.o.o, which may also be promotional. If you no longer wish to receive this kind of news, you can unsubscribe via the link attached to the message or send an email to:

Registered users enter their profile with their login email address and selected password.

In case of a lost / forgotten password, the user can get a new password by re-selecting and confirming it.

All personal data is stored and processed in accordance with the Personal Data Protection Act.

Payment methods

The tenderer offers the following payment methods:

  • with cash upon receipt

If you want us to deliver the ordered goods to your home, workplace or any other address in Slovenia and you decide to pay upon pickup and choose Pošta Slovenije to send, only cash payment is possible. Therefore, you must be present at delivery and have enough cash to pay the purchase price. However, if you receive the shipment at your post on the notice left by your local postman, payment by credit card is also possible.

If the package is delivered to you by the GLS courier service, cash or credit cards are available upon receipt .

  • with an advance payment to the TRR account - Luc-Mat d.o.o ,

You can pay for the ordered goods at any bank, Pošta Slovenije or via electronic banking by transferring to our transaction account no. SI56 1010 0005 1816 231, opened with Intesa Sanpaolo bank. The payment is made on the basis of the email you received or the pro forma invoice after placing your order. When making your payment, please provide the exact reference so that we can ensure that your order is completed as quickly as possible. The invoice is valid for 3 working days or by prior arrangement . The delivery date begins on the day the funds are received into our account.

  • with a payment or credit card
  • via Paypal - applies also to card payments


All prices are final unless explicitly stated otherwise. Luc-Mat, d.o.o is a taxpayer, therefore all prices include VAT.

Prices are valid at the time of placed order and are not predetermined.

Prices are valid in case of payment with the above payment methods, under the conditions stated above.

The contract of sale between the tenderer and the buyer is concluded at the moment the tenderer confirms the order (the buyer receives an email with the status Order confirmed - "Thank you for your order"). From this moment on, all prices and other conditions are fixed and apply to both the tenderer and the buyer.

The purchase process

  1. Selection of a product:  On the website, select a product and click on the "Add to Cart" link. The system notifies you that the product has been successfully added to the cart. You can now shop further or complete your purchase by clicking on the top right of the "Shopping Cart" and clicking on the "Cashier" button, where you fill in the shipping information, choose the payment method and the type of delivery, you can also enter the coupon code.

  2. Removing a Product from a Shopping Cart:  If you have made a mistake or changed your mind about the quantity of products, you can simply remove the number or product directly at the Cashier. To correct the quantity of products, enter the correct number / quantity and click on the button "Update". To remove a product, simply click on the red cross next to the product.

III. Shopping Cart:  You must complete the required fields to complete your order.

  • Delivery Address: You must provide the required contact information, which is marked with a red star (name, surname, e-mail address, telephone, address, place, postal code), which is required to confirm and complete the order and deliver the product.
  • If the delivery address is different from the buyer's, then you click to remove the arrow next to "Payer's address equals payee's address".
  • Shipping cost: 3.99 € 
  • Payment Methods: There are four payment methods to choose from: PayPal, Credit Cards, Pre-Billing, Cash upon receipt
  • Coupons and Gift Cards: If the user has a valid discount coupon or gift voucher, he enters the code in the appropriate box and clicks on the confirm button.
  • Order Overview: Shown are products that a user has added to their shopping cart while browsing the Web Store. The price of the product, the cost of postage, the value of VAT and the total cost of payment are shown in the shopping cart before the order is completed.
  1. Order Completion:  The user can view the delivery information provided, the payment method they have selected, and the contents of the shopping cart. The user confirms the order by clicking on the '' I confirm the order '' button. If the order has been successfully completed, the text " Thank you for your purchase at " will be displayed on the website . Your subscription has been successfully saved, all the details were sent to you in the email , which you provided when ordering. If you don't see the email, check the "Promotions" tab or Spam. If you have any questions about the order, please email us at or call us on 00 386 30 776 883 «

Purchase notification process

  • After placing the order, the buyer receives an email notification that the order has been accepted.
  • The procedure for buying for legal entities is exactly the same as for natural persons, except that when completing the purchase they enter the company name and company tax number. Equal payment options are also available. 
  • Order confirmed : When the tenderer reviews the order, he checks the availability of the ordered items and confirms the order or rejects it with reason. The tenderer may call the buyer at his contact telephone number to verify the information or to ensure the accuracy of delivery. Upon confirmation of the order, the tenderer informs the buyer by e-mail of the estimated delivery time. The contract for the purchase of ordered items between the buyer and the tenderer is irrevocably concluded at this stage.
  • Goods Shipped: The tenderer prepares, sends or prepares for personal pickup all the goods within the agreed time, issues and sends the invoice to the buyer and informs him by email. In the said email, the tenderer also informs the buyer about the return policy of the goods, where to contact in case of delayed delivery and where to contact in case of complaint. In addition to the goods, the tenderer also sends an invoice in print, which the buyer is obliged to send back in case of return of the goods.


Delivery time is 3-8 business days. The day before delivery you will receive a tracking number for the Slovenian courier service Gls.

Delivery possibility:

- GLS package delivery to the customer - Price: 3.99 € including VAT at the appropriate rate. You will be charged 2.40 euro when selecting a cash upon receipt payment. 

- Free delivery over 75 €

GLS is the contractual partner for the delivery of shipments, but the manager reserves the right to choose another delivery service if by doing so it is able to fulfill the order more efficiently.

In case of exchange or return, we will not refund the shipping costs unless otherwise agreed. The buyer who does not pick up the goods at the first shipment is obliged to pay the full purchase price and shipping costs to the supplier's transaction account upon re-shipment made at his request.

If you were not satisfied with the delivery, please let us know.

GLS FlexDelivery

The GLS courier service allows you to change virtually all delivery parameters before shipping a shipment. You can choose the delivery time, the delivery address, the person who will receive the package. When GLS picks up the package, it sends you an email with your package details and a link to a website where you can change the shipping information at your request. 

The GLS courier can be redeemed by cash or credit / debit card upon delivery. If you pay for your goods with a card (GLS package automats only accept card payments), you will be charged a 1.43% bank transfer fee for which the GLS will provide an invoice. In case of unsuccessful delivery attempt, the GLS courier will leave you a message about the arrival of the shipment. The message contains the package number and GLS number of the delivery service (01 500 11 90) and their email address (

The GLS FlexDelivery presentation can be viewed HERE .


Packaging costs are the cost of Luc-Mat, d.o.o, unless otherwise agreed. As we strive to be an eco-friendly online store, we reserve the right to use second-hand or recycled packaging, meaning that the print on the package where the buyer receives the ordered goods does not necessarily reflect the contents of the package.

Cancellation of Purchase, RETURN OF GOODS

The buyer has the right to return the purchased and unused goods within 14 days. In this case, the buyer is obliged to bear the costs incurred in returning the object of purchase and to attach the suppliers invoice to the goods.

The buyer must notify the supplier in writing of the intended return within 14 days of receipt of the goods, unless otherwise agreed, by contacting, and returning the unused goods within a further 15 days. The buyer returns the goods to: Luc-Mat, d.o.o, Vir, Šaranovičeva cesta 25a, 1230 Domžale.

The supplier is obliged to accept only those goods which have not been used, are not damaged and are packed in the original packaging as sent to the buyer. Any refunds that will not be refunded as described above will be declined.

Upon returning the goods, the buyer also sends an invoice for the goods and personal data and the transaction account to which he wishes to receive the returned payment. We will refund your payment within 5 business days of receiving the returned shipment. 

The buyer who wishes to return the product begins the process by filling out the form available at this link .


A claim is justified if the goods have been delivered to the buyer with a defective property, if the goods do not have the properties as explicitly promised by the seller, or if the goods which have been sent to the buyer do not correspond to the placed order.

In the event of a complaint, the buyer is obliged to immediately inform the supplier within 8 days of receipt of the goods about the detected irregularities in such a way that it is possible to determine the validity of the claim. The buyer is obliged to send the goods, which are the subject of the complaint, to the supplier's address or other address, as previously agreed and at their own expense. Shipments with ransom will not be accepted.

If the claim is justified, the buyer has the right to choose another item from the offer, to request a credit or. gift vouchers or request a refund. If the buyer requests a refund, the supplier has the right to charge the buyer the item's usability, i.e. the rent for using the item from the date of receipt to the date of return to the manager's address.

Where a claim for failure of the item cannot be resolved without delay, the supplier shall draw up a claim record and send the goods for analysis, which shall confirm or reject the reasons for claiming the claim. The costs of the analysis shall be borne by the supplier only if the claim is justified, otherwise these costs, as well as the costs of return of the same item, shall be borne by the buyer.

The buyer whose claim is justified is entitled to the reimbursement of the cost of sending the goods for inspection to the supplier or other person as previously agreed, and he is also obliged to send to the supplier a copy of the invoice for delivery costs and may not exceed the amount normally charged by the supplier for delivery of goods to its customers. Any additional charge for the delivery of goods to the supplier in the event of a claim will not be refunded and charged to the buyer.

In the case of a rejected claim, the buyer is also obliged to bear the costs of return delivery of the goods that were the subject of the claim, according to the current price list of the delivery service with which the supplier cooperates, unless the buyer clearly and timely expresses the request for the use of specific delivery services that allows the supplier to deliver ransom packages. The supplier sends the goods that were the subject of the claim back to the buyer at the place where they were originally shipped with a ransom. If the goods sent by the supplier are not accepted by the buyer and returned to the supplier's address, he will accept them and re-send them to the buyer with a ransom only in case the buyer will put a payment to the suppliers TRR account and pay for all the costs made by the buyer not accepting the package.

Complaints and disputes

Luc-Mat, d.o.o ( complies with the applicable consumer protection legislation. is doing its best to fulfill its duty to establish an effective complaints system. The complaint can be submitted via e-mail to The tenderer will confirm within five working days that he has received the complaint, inform the buyer how long it will be considered and keep him informed of the progress of the procedure. The tenderer is aware that an essential feature of a consumer dispute, at least as far as litigation is concerned, is its disproportionate effect on the economic value of the claim and the costs involved in resolving the dispute itself. This is also a major obstacle to the consumer from bringing a dispute to court. Therefore, the tenderer shall use its best endeavors to resolve any disputes by mutual agreement.

If you have any problems, please call us on 00 386 30 776 883, email us at or write to us at:

Luc-Mat, d.o.o

Vir, 25a Saranoviceva cesta,

1230 Domžale

The complaint handling process is confidential!

Out-of-court settlement of consumer disputes

In accordance with legal regulations, Luc-Mat, d.o.o ( does not recognize any out-of-court consumer dispute resolution provider as competent to resolve a consumer dispute that could be initiated by a consumer under the Out-of-Court Consumer Disputes Act.

Luc-Mat, d.o.o (, which, as a tenderer of goods and services, facilitates online commerce in the RS, publishes an electronic link to the Online Consumer Dispute Resolution Platform (SRPS) on its website. The platform is available to consumers online at

The said arrangement derives from the Consumer Dispute Settlement Act, Regulation (EU) No. 524/2013 of the European Parliament and of the Council on the online settlement of consumer disputes and amending Regulation (ES) No. 2016/2004 and Directive 2009/22/ES.

Dismissal of liability

The tenderer does his best to ensure that the information published on its pages is up-to-date and correct. However, the properties of the items, delivery time or price may change so quickly that the tenderer fails to correct the information on the web pages in time. In such cases, the tenderer will inform the buyer of the changes and allow him to cancel the order or replace the item ordered.

The tenderer is not responsible for the content of opinions about articles written by visitors. Before posting the review, the tenderer checks and rejects opinions that contain obvious falsehoods, are misleading or offensive. The tenderer is not responsible for the information contained in the opinions and is relieved of any liability arising from the information contained in the opinions.

Although the tenderer makes every effort to provide accurate photographs of sales items, all photographs must be considered as symbolic. Photos do not guarantee the product features.

Protection of personal data

The tenderer undertakes to permanently protect all personal data of the user.

The tenderer will use personal information solely for the purpose of fulfilling the order and other necessary communication.

In no case will the user's data be handed over to unauthorized persons.

The user is also responsible for the protection of personal data by ensuring the security of his / hers username and password.


The organizer of the giveaways is the company Luc-Mat, d.o.o, Vir, Šaranovičeva cesta 25a, 1230 Domžale. Participants in the giveaways agree to publish their first and last name on the organizer-managed websites if they receive a prize. The recipient of the award cannot be a legal entity. No cash payout is possible. None of the employees of the organizer or performer and their relatives can participate in the giveaways. The winner receives the prize by mail, the postage is covered by the prize organizer. In the event that the winner declines the prize, a new draw for a new winner is made.


The manager will contact the user through the means of distance communication only if the user does not explicitly object.

Advertising emails will contain the following components:

  • will be clearly and unambiguously labeled as advertising messages,
  • the sender will be clearly visible,
  • various campaigns, promotions and other marketing techniques will be labeled as such,
  • the conditions of participation will also be clearly defined,
  • a clear way to unsubscribe from receiving promotional messages,
  • the desire of the user not to receive advertising messages will be explicitly respected by the provider.

User reviews / comments

Every opinion is important for the user-friendly and efficient operation of Whether it is praise, criticism, or suggestions for improvement, any opinion is of great importance to us. For the sake of providing competent information, opinions and ratings may only be submitted by persons who have purchased a particular item from the and wish to submit their review or comment about it. Reviews and ratings will not be published until they have been confirmed by the team in the admin panel, which may take a few days but we try to stay as up-to-date as possible.

It is only with your opinions that we can in the future allow you to purchase top quality products online as easily as possible.

As we are all human beings, we are aware that sometimes misunderstandings or different opinions can occur, so as a responsible service provider of, we will strive to resolve any misunderstandings quickly, efficiently and with mutual benefit.

We will always respond to your comments as soon as possible and try to find the right solution for you.

We want you to feel good at as we aim to build a long-term partnership with you that is based on honest and respectful communication. Any questions or comments that you have will be happily received at our contact address and we will do our best to provide you with an answer as soon as possible. We also invite you to send us any suggestions you may have about improvements to the web site.

There may occur technical problems with the operation of the program. The tenderer undertakes to do his best to eliminate the error as soon as possible. Insofar as this constitutes a change for the buyer, the tenderer will inform the buyer before dispatch. 

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